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Galore means abundance. Techgalore means abundance of technology, born in 2012, we started out as an IT Company giving IT support and developing web solutions to Small and medium sized companies in Kigali Rwanda. We have since grown to provide a variety of Products and services in expanding and focusing on three main areas. i.e.:-
Information SystemsWith a solid background in Various sectors in IT, We offer a wide variety of products & services in this sector which include:- Read more
Print, branding & Fabrication We are a print & branding agency producing world-class print solutions in Rwanda. We offer custom tailored solutions for our clients, from small start-ups through to established enterprises. We offerRead more
Events/ Marketing In 2017 we created an events division in our company for the sole purpose of specialize in planning, creating and delivering outstanding events for our clients In Rwanda. Read more

Our location Kigali Rwanda
Security beign a major priority our web servers are mirrored across the globe. you can rest easy knowing that downtime is virtualy non existant when we host you. Localy we are located in Gisozi Gakingiro, Adarwa Building just behind Equity bank
Design and Production officeAdarwa Building, Gakingiro ka Gisozi
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Tel phone & fax+250 784 608564 / +250 785 866923

Event Management
Tech Galore limited has an event management branch that deals with all the logistics and equipment needed for co oporate events
Graphic and UX Design
We have adequate experience when it comes to graphic design and are confortable handling any project no matter the magnitude
Audio Visual Production
We also offer audio visual production and animation for TV and Radio commercials, documentaries, web (youtube video production)
Coming from a technical background all our consultancy services are targeted and very practical with the end product in sight.